Faith Community

Over the years Nick has spoken in hundreds of churches, delivering a biblical word of encouragement to small youth group through to full congregations. These have been in Church Services and conference forums. Nick believes the Bible is the ultimate authority on what is true and good.



Pasifika Parenting Programme

There are three programmes designed to address some key issues facing Pacific parents today. The lack of attention to these matters impact directly on the ability of our Pacific youth,  to engage and succeed in the Education system. Often parents are working too hard for too long to address the financial shortfall, only to discover they have become time poor – then resented and ignored by their children.  

  • Love languages

    Pasifika Parents love their children, but often this is not picked up by their children.  This popular programme reiterates the 5 ways kids and parents can feel loved.

  • Identifying Risky BehaviouR

    Often parents are the last to find out that their children have been misbehaving and have been involved in risky matters.  This programme teaches parents what to look for and how to restore order.

  • The Art of Encouragement and Communication

    Since the beginning of time, parents have used rewards, threats or both to achieve the desired performance from their kids.  These methods unfortunately have adverse affects on the mental health of our kids when goals are not achieved.

    This programme is designed to explain how encouragement is Vitamin E for the Soul and the importance it plays in motivation of a child.



Motivational Speaking

Over the last 35 years Nick has had spoken to hundreds of Social and Service Clubs, sporting and special purpose organisations. When time allows, this is where he likes to give back to the community. For speaking enquiries please feel free to contact me.