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Keynote Speaking

Registered with ‘Speakers New Zealand,’ Nick is an accomplished public speaker.

He has travelled throughout Australasia speaking at different Governmental and NGO conferences.  His specialty is taking complex situations and breaking it down bite size portions for his listeners, while never missing the opportunity to weave in ‘Old School Values’ to either endorse or dissolve well crafted arguments not based on truth.



Leadership Training

Over the years, being involved with many Police and Community lead operations, there are many lessons that can be learned, from not only projects that end well, but even more so from the ones that didn’t.  There are some tried and true rules of engagement that can address the ‘Them and Us’ mentality that often divides a team and hinder productivity. Using finely honed mediation skills, attention to detail and a balanced sense of fairness, through a lively presentation. Nick can identify and address the issues that cause misunderstanding and disunity.  Steering the group towards peace and a new found team spirit is the ultimate goal, which comes wrapped in hard truths and Pacific humour.



Staff motivation

There are times when stress at home or in the workplace can impact on ‘Job Satisfaction.’  It is during these frustrating times that a fresh set of eyes with an outsider’s perspective can remind staff how fortunate they are to still be employed, while receiving a field report from people who appear to be in greener pastures on the other side of the fence.   The count your blessings approach can often take one’s eyes off themselves and appreciate the others in the team, rules put in place for safety, or appreciate why jobs need to go. This session is shaped to suit and delivered with sensitivity and Pacific humour.



Strategic Planning

The unique method of picture drawing and explanations is a fantastic way of capturing the current thoughts of staff, while causing them to project their dreams and aspirations for a brighter future for the company. This style of communicating helps CEOs and leaders identify the commitment of team members, while opening up new ideas from those who have been fighting in the trenches. We often seek overseas advice when trying to address local issues, totally overlooking the expertise and solutions that can often be drawn from long serving loyal committed staff.